Gender Violence Institute

"' to end violence against women"

Gender Violence Institute (GVI) is a resource development and consulting firm founded by Rose Thelen and Chuck Derry in 1993 to end violence against women.  Since 1993, GVI has worked with professionals from a variety of disciplines in the law enforcement and criminal justice system, legal, legislative and elected bodies, academia, public health, human services, sexual assault and domestic violence programs in the U.S. and internationally.  GVI is affiliated with  Praxis International and MN Men's Action Network to End Domestic and Sexual Violence.

GVI provides presentations, training, and  technical assistance
coordinated community response models
best practices for law enforcement / criminal justice intervention
primary prevention of sexual and domestic violence
organizing men to get involved
the relationship of gender violence to inequality and
other forms of oppression
the role of the community and culture in ending violence
the social construction of gender violence and inequality 
other topics related to ending violence against women
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"The people at GVI know everything there is to know about gender violence.  I recommend them to anyone needing a program consultation, training, keynote presentation, or inservice".
- Loretta Frederick, Legal Counsel Battered Women's Justice Project.

"We have had a number of speakers talking to our male student body about violence against women. None were as good as Chuck.  He is a very effective messenger and i can recommend him to anyone working to heighten men's responsibility for ending violence against women."
- Bro. Paul Richards, St. John's University, MN